Bookairfreight Ranked Top 500 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies by Latka

Bookairfreight Ranked Top 500 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies by Latka

5 mins read, 14 Feb 2022
Bookairfreight Ranked Top Growing SaaS Companies

2021 continued to be a difficult year for quite literally every person and every organization, and as a startup in transportation logistics, Bookairfreight faced many of the challenges associated with limited cargo capacity and widespread shutdowns. Nonetheless, we grew to a 10 person team, launched new platform features to increase user engagement and retention, and saw continuous revenue and SEO keyword growth.  

Despite the challenges, we submitted our revenue growth data to for the annual Latka500: The fastest growing SaaS companies of 2021. 

18,047 founders submitted data for 2021 meaning just 2.7% made the top 500. 

We’re excited to share that  Bookairfreight ranked 361st with revenue growth of 67%. We finished 2020 with $1,800,000 in revenue and grew to $3,000,000 This growth wouldn’t have been possible without all of the product feedback and support from our hundreds of devoted customers. 

We plan to share some exciting new releases with you in 2022:

- A full redesign of our core booking platform (contact us for early access!)

- Additional tools and widgets to make it even easier to search for and book shipping quotes.

- Integrations with third parties to bring our services to the tools and platforms our customers use every day!

While the number of SaaS companies continues to grow, we expect to continue rapid growth this year. 

In total, Latka500 SaaS companies did $13 billion in combined 2021 revenues (up from $8 billion in 2020) and have raised a total of $35 billion. 128 bootstrapped SaaS founders made the list with combined revenues of $1.3 billion. 

Full Rankings: Latka500 List of Top SaaS Companies (Ranked by 2021 Revenue Growth) 

We’re in good company as you can see. 

As always, it’s thanks to our hundreds of customers around the world who play a vital role in helping us grow and rank among the best SaaS companies in the world. We’re committed to simplifying international shipping for companies of all sizes.

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Daisy Jiang

Proud Co-Founder and CEO of Bookairfreight. Shortly after starting to work in the world of logistics, I was astonished at how difficult and time consuming it was for businesses to get their hands on a simple air freight quote. I saw this as an opportunity to really make a difference in people’s lives, and felt like I had to do something. It was the spark that lit the fire of Bookairfreight’s creation.

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