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Shipping 101

5 Reasons Why Ocean Shipping Rates May Increase in 2023 and How to Prepare

Don't wait until it's too late - we explore 5 factors that may cause rates to increase this year and provide 4 solutions to help you protect your bottom line.

20 mins read, 17 Jan 2023

Shipping 101

How to Pass CE Certification for Surgical/ Medical/ N95/ Disposable Facemasks

If the CE Certification you have is not recognized by the EU, you won’t be able to get your product through customs!

4 mins, 1 Apr 2020

Shipping 101

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing Between Air Freight vs Sea Freight

Value of goods, product density, and sensitivity to shipment time and money spend will dictate whether air freight or ocean freight is the right shipping solution for your business.

7 mins read, 14 Feb 2020

Shipping 101

Importing From China: How To Find The Best Freight Forwarder

Finding the right freight forwarder for your business can significantly improve your shipping costs, the safety of your products, and delivery speed. In this article, we will aim to answer the question of finding the best freight forwarder as comprehensively as possible, and provide you with a clear course of action.

6 mins read, 15 April 2021

Shipping 101

Why is importing goods from China to USA so expensive in 2021?

Always wondered why importing goods from China to USA was so expensive? We’ve simplified it here with a few extra inside looks into the freight industry.

9 mins read, 1 Sep 2021

Shipping 101

What is FCL/ Full Container Load Shipping?

FCL shipping stands for “full container load”, and is a method of ocean freight where importers rent an entire container to ship their goods.

8 mins, 11 April 2022

Shipping 101

Packing Vs Packaging - The Difference Explained

Packing and packaging aren’t the same thing. Here is PackMojo’s take on the differences and how to turn them into your brand’s strengths.

4 mins read, 8 Apr 2021

Shipping 101

What is LCL/ Less Than Container Load Shipping?

Read on to gain all the information you need to make an educated decision about whether LCL makes sense for your shipment.

6 mins, 29 Mar 2022

Shipping 101

EU VAT rules changes again!

The EU has introduced new changes to it’s import rules around VAT and customs. We’ve got you covered, with a quick summary of the EU VAT rules changes and how it could possibly affect your business.

9 mins, 23 June 2021

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