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Grab your US$ 50 Shipping Coupon Now

How the Money-Back Guarantee for Shipping Delays Works

All your questions about international container delays answered.

Why are we seeing shipping delays? 

It all comes down to Covid (yes, still!)

The vast network of ports, container vessels and trucking companies that moves goods around the world is badly tangled, and the cost of shipping is skyrocketing. That's troubling news for retailers and holiday shoppers.

Read more about it on our blog: Why is importing goods from China to USA so expensive in 2021?

How can you promise guaranteed delivery times?

The short answer is Big data and a well-built network with the best forwarders.

For shipments from China to the USA, our suppliers have guaranteed container space, giving us faster delivery times even during this very backlogged time.

And we believe in always having backup plans, as last mile delivery in US is really challenging. We have at least 4 - 5 different trucking companies that we work together to get the earliest pickup for last mile delivery.

How will I be paid for a slow shipment?

With cash!

Once the shipment has arrived, if it was 7 days slow, you provide us your Paypal account information and we will transfer the appropriate amount over. Of course, we can also credit you towards your next shipment if it’s more convenient!

Please contact us directly on if you have any questions.

Is this only applicable for China to USA shipments?

Yes, only applied for shipping from China to USA.

We value our business integrity. We make promises based on what we can deliver.

Our supplier network is well-built for the China to USA shipping routes, though we can ship to more than 50 countries. We are working on with our EU partners to extend this offer to EU countries soon!

How do we define "Slow Delivery"?

Once your goods are picked up and arrive at our warehouse, we will send you an email with the promised delivery date.

If we are 7 days delay after the promised date, our operation team will contact you to refund your shipping fees.

However, we are only responsible for delays caused by Bookairfreight.

For examples, if the shipment was delayed due to customs or regulatory delays, that won't be covered by Bookairfreight.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

What are the payment terms?

You will get an invoice after your goods are picked up, and will have 7 biz days to complete the payment.

Although we will ship out right away, we only start last mile delivery after the shipping fees are paid.

What are the best and worst delayed ports?

Ports in both the USA and China are seeing fluctuating levels of delays, and these change week by week based on the current levels of congestion.

From our experience, we are seeing the following delays for goods entering the USA:

Port of Long Beach: 6 - 12 days from arrival to unloading.
Port of LA: 12 - 20 days from arrival to unloading.
Port of Houston: 1-3 days from arrival to unloading. (But fewer vessels stop at port of Huston, and last mile trucking delivery is also difficult).
Port of New Jersey/New York: 5 - 7 days from arrival to unloading.
Port of Seattle: 10 days from arrival to unloading.
Port of Savannah (Georgia): 2 - 4 days from arrival to unloading.
Port of Chicago: 20 - 40 days from arrival to unloading.

And the following delays for goods leaving China:
Port of Shenzhen (Yantian): 3 - 6 days from arrival to loading.
Port of Shekou:  3 - 6 days from arrival to loading.
Port of Shanghai: 4 - 6 days from arrival to loading.
Port of Ningbo: 4 - 6 days from arrival to loading.

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