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Matson Express
Long Beach(LB) Port

Door to door: 25 - 35 days
(Using exclusive terminal)

Shipping from China to the U.S. is easy and fast with Matson’s Long Beach Express (CLX). Matson’s China shipping services have provided customers more than 15 years uninterrupted service and reliability.

Our average door to door (from your factory to your warehouse in US) takes 25 - 35 days (natural days).

Matson Saver
LB/LA Port

Door to door: 35 - 45 days
(Using public terminal)

Matson Saver (CLX+) offers the same fast, reliable, and overall great service as CLX.

The difference is that Matson Saver (CLX+) uses a public loading dock, meaning the total transit time is impacted slightly by port congestion.

Our average door to door (from your factory to your warehouse in US) takes 35 - 45 days (natural days).

Super Economy

Door to door: 55 - 65 days
(Using exclusive terminal)

COSCO shipping is considered the most reliable slow boat option. This shipping route leaves from Shenzhen, Yantain terminal and arrives at LB/LA port.

Unlike the Matson channels, which don't have stops in between, COSCO stops at a few ports before reaching to the final destination.

Because of this, the provided departure time will not be accurate. Our average transit time includes the possible departure delay.

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FAQ - How Secured Rate Works

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How can you guarantee these rates? 

We’ve been operational for many years now, facilitating thousands of shipments for hundreds of brands. For 2022, the majority of our shipments used the fast boat channel - an attractive shipping solution that adds only about a week to air freight with significant cost savings, and this in turn made us a significant source of volume for our freight suppliers.

Without mincing words, the global economy for Q2 has been tremendously difficult, and worldwide shipping volume is declining steeply.

But in that time, Bookairfreight has actually seen over 100% growth! We’ve done this by combining easy-to-use technology with world-class customer service. This gives us a lot of power in negotiating rates, and we’re using that leverage to ensure the terms for our customers are as aggressive as possible. We’re committed to providing a smooth and dependable holiday shipping season.

How hard is it for me to back out of this reservation?

To reserve space, you provide us with your email and an estimate of the volume you’ll be shipping in September, and we’ll hold that for you.

You won’t be putting any money down, and there is no penalty for not moving forward in September. It’s a completely free (and risk-free) option to you.

I’ve never heard of your company, who are you?

We’re Bookairfreight, and we handle significant shipping volume through air, sea and rail!

Our company is built on the philosophy that international shipping can be more like Expedia, Kayak, or, and less like playing phone tag in 1995. If your company uses tools like Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Xero, and Shopify to operate, consider Bookairfreight another super easy-to-use vendor with live customer service.

As proof, call 1-917-639-5399 any time between 8AM and 11 PM Pacific Time.

We’re backed by top VC’s in Asia -, and our cofounders have been interviewed several times about the company:

 I don’t have shipments in September, what about October? Can I secure the rates for then?

Right now, our September offering is finalized, and we’re actively negotiating terms for October and later.

Please sign up or reach out to us directly and we can update you about post-September shipping options.

What kinds of products can I ship with Bookairfreight?

We handle B2B shipments across most verticals. Our customers ship clothing, electronics, packaging materials, shoes, appliances, camping equipment, etc.

So long as the goods are not perishable, we can probably ship them. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns.

Are there any size restrictions?

Our secured rate only works for ocean freight.

Ocean freight is charged at a minimum of 100kg - if your shipment is smaller than that, you’ll be paying an undersized shipment fee.