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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the most common method used by exporters and importers to ship their goods. Get your own Ocean LCL quotation instantly on!

🚢 What is ocean freight?

Ocean freight is a way of transporting goods by ocean using shipping containers.

Ocean freight is the most common method used by exporters and importers to ship their goods.

Is it always cheaper to ship by ocean?

Not necessarily. For example, if you are shipping 20kg of goods, it will be cheaper to ship by air than by ocean.

Freight rates for both air and ocean depend on the weight and volume of the shipments.

So, how are ocean freight charges calculated?

Sadly, it is quite complicated.

The charges and calculations depend on many things, such as whether you’re opting for an LCL or FCL shipment, door to door or port to port, as well as tax and duties.

The ocean freight fee alone includes a container fee, origin & destination port charges, a lot of miscellaneous charges (documents filing, use of equipment), and more.

😵 Here's an example (so many miscellaneous charges!)

What's an ocean quote look like?

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When is it best to ship by ocean?

It depends on your shipment value and type of goods.

If your shipment is small (below 13CBM), for example, we recomend opting for Ocean LCL (Less than Container Load).

Read our “Air Freight vs Ocean Freight - is there a Clear Winner?” for the definitive guide on choosing the appropriate type of transportation for your products.

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